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My best friend just got turned into a fucking zombie.

Shell just managed to get home through the rising horde. Mum and Da are yet to be heard from. We're mostly barricaded into the house and I'm trying to figure out how to get to the mountains from here without hitting any makeshift road blocks. If we can hit the Appalachains, we can stick the trail northward. Raid little towns on the way. I'd think I'd prefer taking my chances in the woods with the bears and the occasional zombie woodsman over sitting here with things shambling around my lawn. I mean, the safe zone down the road sounds like a bloodbath from here and I'm just tired of sitting still.

Go or stay. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. What's the difference? It's the end of the world as we know it.
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Say what?

I don't advertise much but I'll advertise for this.

Click me, kids. You know you want to. It's a little less dangerous than taking candy from strangers.

P.S. Hush up, I'm street teaming here. If you want the selfish note, I'm just after the rep points. It'd take a good 400 individual impressions (one click per computer per day) just to make the bottom of the barrel. I'm too late onto the wagon to make the 200,000-some-odd impressions it'd take to win this bitch so tralala.
well that's odd

Boys speak in rhythm and girls in code.

My two cents: Yes it all sucks. Yes it is a giant witch hunt, when you really get down to it. Just consider the fact, though, that, as bzzinglikeneon said, we all agreed to the Terms of Service here. The TOS states that you will not use LJ to promote any illegal activity. Hell, she said it better than I could possibly paraphrase.

My point is, the way LJ is going about all of this is probably one of the dumbest conflict management moves I have ever seen in my life because hunting by interests does result in striking down the innocent as much as if not more than the guilty. As pointed out, even support groups are suffering because people aren't looking at the content of the communities and journals, they're just deleting them. But it's LJ's right to be paranoid, lovelies. This is their playground and they let us play. This is just a vigilante group lighting a bonfire under their ass where normally it's only individuals demanding their temporary attention with a spluttering match.

Anyway, Anita has a good list going up there for the commentary that's useful and makes sense. Last night, my friends and I cleaned out any interests on the journal we were most worried about. Best I can tell you is to do a sweep for anything vaguely questionable connected to any journals you don't want to lose. Protect yourself the best you can. Sit back. Relax. Let the fire burn itself out. Also, if you're at all worried and haven't done so already? Make sure you've got a back-up of anything and everything you've ever drawn or written and don't want to lose. I personally don't understand not keeping copies of your own work anyway but, hey, some people are not quite as compulsive about this sort of thing as I am.

So now that I've said my piece, it's back to your regularly scheduled f-locking and ignoring of the universe. I've got a trip to prepare for. Let's all try to be reasonable and admittedly fallible human beings around here, mmkay?